Clothing Closet
De Leon | Dallas | Granbury | McKinney
Clothing articles will be accepted at any of our campuses. The majority of our clothing is given to families who cannot afford new clothes. A large part of our mission is to reach the people who cannot always afford these common necessities.
Whenever families in our church have babies, medical issues, or are in need of any assistance, we love to help them in any way that we can! Our hospitality team will cook and deliver meals along with other help that may be needed.
Food Pantry
De Leon | Dallas | Granbury | McKinney
Over the course of years, we have found that many families go hungry because they do not have enough money for food. A large portion of these families will refuse to seek help due to the way that they may be perceived. It is our goal to maintain a food pantry that is easily accessible to anyone who needs it. This food pantry is an opportunity to show others God's unconditional love without condemnation or judgment and to help those in need. Donations for the food pantry will be accepted at any time at any of our campuses.